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Chrestos Cosmos

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We would like to integrate employees into the Chrestos workforce by giving them the opportunity to work in various teams and their related fields.

The statistical field in clinical studies is very diverse. Therefore, seven different groups are set up according to their subject matter. Beginning with the development of a medication (Early and Late development Statistics: EDS and LDS), then programming and data management during a clinical trial (Prog & DM) and lastly, drug approval in which the evidence of the additional benefit has to be proven (Health Technology Assessment: HTA and Real World Evidence: RWE). The concept of personalized medicine is becoming more relevant and is being investigated in biomarker analyses (Biomarker Statistics & Data Science: BSDS). Care-relevant studies, often initiated by academia, so-called Investigator Initiated Studies are also conducted at the Chrestos Institute (CI).

During the first 6 months, every new Chrestie has the privilege to get to know all the departments and team members at Chrestos. During this time, not only insights into the daily work routine, but also content-related expertise is conveyed. The knowledge gained, paves the way to working with future customers. No one will be thrown into the deep end because we are a team.

This is how it works.

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