The application process

The application process

Starting with the documents to the interview.

After having received and carefully read your comprehensive application documents, we will invite you to a first interview. A second and final interview depends on the evaluation results of the first interview.

Your application documents

Apart from a cover letter, your application documents should also include the following:

✓ Curriculum vitae (tabular form)
✓ References and credential
Certificates and certificates of attendance

We are interested to know how you found out about us. We would also like to find out more about your motivation for applying for the position. Please comment on these topics in your cover letter.

The interviews

Get to know us!

During our first interview both parties will have the opportunity to present themselves. Furthermore, we would be pleased to know more about your objectives and the ideas about what you associate with Chrestos. It is also important to understand your professional preferences and past experiences (topics or tasks that you liked or disliked).

At our company, the first interview is usually conducted with two team members. This gives you the opportunity to get a direct insight into the team and your future work.

In a potential second interview we would like to give you and us the opportunity to clarify questions that might have come up in the first meeting. The second interview is usually conducted with the CEO and two other team members. Moreover, we would like to discuss necessary measures such as training and how exactly you will start in our Chrestos Cosmos. Finally, we will discuss the details of a potential contract as well as financial conditions.

At the end of both interviews you can ask any questions that are important to you. Before we depart, we will discuss future steps.

This is how it works.

Become a part of our team, we are looking forward to welcoming you!

Our objective is to improve the world together.

Start and be a part of it!