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Adaptability through Chrestos Temporary Work.

You need qualified experts to temporarily reinforce your team within the area of temporary employment?

Personnel deployment in the German temporary work industry has increased considerably over the last years which shows the growing importance of temporary employment. In order to meet up with this development, Chrestos has obtained the permission for temporary employment according to the directives of the Temporary Employment Act (AÜG) since August 2010.

Our focus of attention is not on temporary employment itself. All of our employees have permanent employment contracts and social insurance. We know the capabilities and strenghts of our team most of whom have been working for Chrestos for many years. Therefore, we are able to choose the right person for the respective task. We would like to meet up to your expectations in as many ways as possible and support you by implementing this temporary employment offer.

Your potential opportunities thanks to Chrestos Temporary Work?

If your core workforce needs project-specific support, if your personnel situation is insufficient to deal with special tasks or large orders, we offer you the possibility to temporarily deploy our employees. For the duration of the temporary employment you have managerial authority, although you are not required to pay wages for sick-leave or to grant paid vacation. Non-wage labour costs for our employees are included in our hourly rates. As a customer you only pay for the productive working hours. Thanks to the deployment of temporary staff, expenses for accounts and payroll accounting as well as the upkeep of personnel files will not be necessary. This ensures maximum security in your calculations.

Chrestos Temporary Work enables you to react flexibly to internal changes or market fluctuations. Thanks to the targeted deployment of personnel you can increase your competitive advantage.

Not only performance and service are just right, but above all the quality.

Please contact us, we would be delighted to give you some personal advice.