Biomarker Statistics & Data Science

Innovative and individualized

Biomarkers have become an essential part of the drug discovery and development process in pharmaceutical research. They serve as diagnostic tools, monitoring tools for disease progression and treatment effect, surrogate endpoints in clinical trials or constitute the starting point for the development of personalized therapies. Nowadays, pharmaceutical research is no longer limited to conventional clinical parameters (laboratory, ECG, etc.), but also incorporates measurements generated by modern technologies e.g. for the analysis of genetic information or physical activity.

The resulting big and high-dimensional data sets as well as the manifold associated research questions represent the specific challenges in the biomarker analysis.

Our team of experienced Biostatisticians and Data scientists supports you from the planning to the programming and analysis to the interdisciplinary communication and scientific publication of the results. Continuous training enables us to keep up with the state of the art and to assist you even with your most complex projects.

We are familiar with a multitude of measuring technologies. Whether your research is based on laboratory parameters, focused on the molecular level (RT-qPCR, gene expression arrays, RNAseq) or you are analyzing the daily behavior of a population by means of wearables – we support you in solving your personal data puzzle.
We have profound bioinformatic expertise and are experienced in processing, analyzing and visualizing big and high-dimensional data. We predominantly rely on the programing language R for both conventional inferential statistical methods but especially for machine learning techniques (pattern recognition, classification, predictive modelling).

We develop customized web-applications based on R Shiny for interactive analysis and presentation of your data. Depending on your requirements, this may range from rather simple well-arranged data summary dashboards to complex analyses and visualizations. Shiny apps are a convenient tool for you to interactively explore your data and share gained insights with your team.

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