Real World Evidence

After approval, the real work kicks in

Real World Evidence (RWE) verifies both potential benefits or possible risks for medications based on Real World Data (RWD) generated in clinical settings outside of traditional trials. Available sources for RWD include electronic health records, pharmacy prescriptions, product and disease registries, bio-databases, and observational studies.

RWE aims at developing better therapies and proves their value. This research is conducted to determine which patients derive the greatest benefit from a treatment. Let's sharpen the picture of your product's safety, efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

In observational studies, medications are administered in accordance to product information. As little impact as possible is exerted on the patients in order to investigate the efficacy, safety and tolerability in real-life conditions (non-interventional design). We support you in gaining knowledge about the medical effects in real-world situations.

RWD can be used to generate external controls for single-arm trials. Statistical methods such as propensity score matching are used to imitate randomization and reduce potential bias. We support you in generating maximum evidence from your data.

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